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Tips To Prevent Spider Veins

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Spider veins can appear on the legs when the valves inside the veins stop working properly. Veins bring blood back to the heart. To prevent blood from flowing back, they contain a one-way valve that closes as soon as the blood passes through.

If this valve becomes weak or damaged, blood can have trouble flowing in the right direction and can start to pool inside the vein. Over time, this can cause the vein to bulge and branch, resulting in spider veins. Spider veins on the face are often the result of tiny blood vessels bursting. It can cause increased pressure or sun damage.
A physical exam will help your Cosmetic Doctor decide if spider vein treatment in Sydney is safe for you. During the physical exam, your Cosmetic Doctor will look closely at your leg veins and ask about your medical history.
Non-invasive tests that look at the veins in the legs may also be necessary. Doppler ultrasound will show the blood flow in the leg veins. Plethysmography uses a blood pressure cuff to measure changes in blood volume, which can help find problems such as abnormal blood flow.
After reviewing all the information, your Cosmetic Doctor can tell you if leg vein treatment is right for you and which treatment would be most effective. Sometimes more than one type of treatment will be recommended to get ethical results and reduce side effects.

Top 11 Tips To Prevent Spider Veins

Implementing the following practices into your daily life can stop existing spider veins from worsening and prevent new ones from forming. These include:

#1: Move more

Sitting too much increases the risk of spider veins. Get up and move around every hour to prevent fluid build-up in your legs.

#2: Avoid tight clothing

Clothing that is too tight around the waist, legs, or pelvis can restrict blood flow and increase the risk of spider veins

#3: Wear compression socks

Compression socks improve blood flow in the lower extremities and can help reduce the fluid buildup that causes spider veins.

#4: Raise your legs

If your feet are still swollen after exercising and wearing compression socks, elevate your feet in the evening to prevent blood pooling.

#5: Maintain a healthy weight

Excess body weight increases pressure on leg muscles, joints and blood vessels, which can contribute to the formation of spider veins.

#6: Use sunscreen

If you have spider veins on your face, using sunscreen can prevent future spider veins. The hot sun can cause blood vessels to burst over time.

#7: Limit the use of hot tubs and saunas

Exposure to high temperatures can cause blood vessels to burst in some people.

#8: Limit alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol can cause facial flushing and burst blood vessels in some people.

#9: Regular exercise

Physical activity can help improve blood circulation and prevent blood pooling in the legs.

#10: Contacting a Cosmetic Doctor

People with skin conditions that may increase the risk of spider veins, such as rosacea, may want to consider contacting a doctor or Cosmetic Doctor to discuss treatment options.

#11: Using cover-up products

If the appearance of spider veins is a problem, people may wish to use body or leg makeup to temporarily mask or minimise them. Self-tanners can also work for this purpose.

Are spider veins dangerous?

In most cases, spider veins do not pose an immediate or serious health threat, or no health threat at all. Spider veins are usually harmless, except for the emotional distress that often comes with dissatisfaction with one’s appearance.

While prevention is ethical method to avoid spider veins, you can certainly get rid (results may vary for every person and its not guarenteed) of spider veins if you already have them.

Depending on the severity of your spider veins, you may only need mild and non-invasive spider vein surgery such as compression stockings. The lifestyle changes described above can also help reduce the appearance of spider veins.
But sometimes spider veins can be painful or tender, which can make the desire for treatment more urgent.
Spider veins are caused by damaged veins or ruptured blood vessels. They are usually minimal discomfort and do not cause health problems, but some people may want to treat them for cosmetic reasons.
Various treatment options can help improve the appearance of spider veins or eliminate them completely. For medical procedures, it is always necessary to consult a licensed healthcare professional who specializes in dermatology, vein care, or cosmetic or plastic surgery.

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