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Tips for healing time of Tummy Tuck treatment

Dr. Vi Sharma has worked in the field of cosmetic surgery

He has a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Monash University; and former member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and the Royal Australian College of General Practice.

Tummy tuck treatment in Sydney is a common plastic surgery procedure that has been popular for years. In fact, the latest statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that it was a five cosmetic procedures performed on men and women last year.

Despite the popularity of this surgery, many people often do not know what to expect during recovery. Understanding the recovery process and timeline can help make a tummy tuck an easier journey for many patients.
If you are considering or planning to have a tummy tuck, it is important to consider what recovery will involve. Recovery time will vary patient to patient. It depend on many factors like age, health, and body weight and the type of tummy tuck they have.
It’s natural to want to get back to normal after surgery, but it’s important to give your body time to heal. You may only need to stay in the hospital for a few hours after surgery, or your surgeon may let you stay overnight or longer. After leaving the hospital the real recovery will begin. Here’s what you need to know-
You will want to figure out a time frame for your recovery so that you have enough time to heal and take a break from certain aspects of your life. Make sure you take the right precautions and are fully prepared for the recovery period.
Although the recovery time for a tummy tuck surgery is usually shorter, you will need to avoid strenuous activity for at least six weeks. Avoiding things includes vigorous exercise or heavy lifting. Your surgeon or nurse will give you proper instructions on how to recover at home.

You will be told:

  • You will need someone to drive you home from the hospital and help take care of you for at least the first few days after surgery. You can shower 48 hours after removing the drainage tubes. You’ll be told to take sponge bath until you can shower. You may be advised to use a chair for some time while showering.
  • You will be prescribed antibiotics and possibly anticoagulants. Take any pain relievers as directed. You should not take any medication containing aspirin unless directed by your doctor.
  • You should also avoid alcohol if you are taking pain medication and avoid any form of nicotine for at least six weeks. Smoking can hinder the healing process and cause complications.

Instructions for home recovery

  • First few days after surgery your sleep may depend on an incline. Keeping your upper body slightly elevated with your knees bent at an angle can help reduce swelling. Placing pillows under your knees can also reduce pressure on your abdomen.
  • After surgery, keep moving, even if it’s just a short walk. This will help you maintain blood flow, which aids the healing process and reduces the chance of a blood clot in your legs.
  • Your surgeon will also tell you how to find the optimal resting position that will be most comfortable. Get as much rest as possible, as you may feel tired for weeks or even months.
  • It will take a few weeks before you are completely back to normal. You will not be able to drive for several weeks. You will also need to limit strenuous exercise and strenuous physical activity for four to six weeks. Your doctor can help you decide what activities you can do and how long you will need to take off work.

Tips for recovery

  • It is important to take steps to ensure a healthy recovery. You will want to be as healthy as possible during this time.
  • Create a comfortable space where you can relax and fulfill your needs. Give yourself at least two weeks of complete rest and make sure you don’t push yourself physically until you’re ready.
  • You’ll want to drink plenty of water to flush toxins from your body and reduce swelling. Keep your diet as healthy as possible. Include as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.
There’s a lot to consider when it comes to tummy tuck surgery recovery, but it’s all achievable and manageable. It just requires you to consider and plan all aspects of this healing process, including the time frame.

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